Runxin Swimming Pool Filter Valve

The Runxin swimming pool filter valve offers six functions: filter, backwash, fast rinse, waste, recirculation, and closed. It is suitable for various swimming pool sizes, including community pools, gymnasium pools, hot spring pools, water parks, resorts, and landscape pools, with a water temperature range of 5-50℃.

The backwash function can be triggered based on either pressure difference or time parameters. When the set pressure or time limit is reached, the backwash function activates automatically. Additionally, it can be programmed to enter backwash mode after a set service time to remove internal dirt, thereby saving on filter equipment maintenance and management costs.

The compact size of the Runxin swimming pool filter valve allows it to be paired with a sand tank to create a portable filter device, making it easy to access and eliminating the need for costly equipment room construction and maintenance.

The Digital Automatic Backwash Valve Head is compatible with various filtration media, including Activated Carbon, Silica Sand, Birm, Crystal Sand, Katalox Light, and AFM Glass Media.

Proposed layout: