We manufacture electrode, element, gas-fired, and oil-fired boiler plants to the required design codes, which are accepted and certified by professional engineers and AIA-appointed inspectors.

All boilers are assembled and tested in our workshops before they get dispatched. Our range includes 16 electrode steam boiler models and five electrode hot water boiler models, all of which operate at 1 000kPa. The electrode boilers are able to supply steam from as little as 64kg/hr and our largest size reachesup to 4 000kg/hrHigher pressure boilers are also available on request.

We also offer smaller electric element steam boilers ranging from 19kg/hr (12-kw) to 76kg/hr (48-kW). Hot water boilers, together with calorifiers or storage vessels, are also available for customers who only require hot water. All Allmech equipment is of the highest quality and we ensure the availability of support services and spares for our products. Our team is also available to assist customers who encounter problems with other steam plants. Allmech offers all-round service and we discuss our customers’ requirements at the start of each project to ascertain the best approach in each case.

Our gas and oil-fired boilers range from 0.5 tons to 5 tons.    
Hot Water Electrode Boiler
Element Boilers

Electrode Steam Boilers and Hot Water Boilers

Our electrode steam boilers are extremely compact and quiet; require no boiler house, fuel storage facilities, or labour; and need less maintenance than most boiler types.

Element Steam and Hot Water Boilers

We have six element steam boilers covering a steam production range of 19kg/hr to 95kg/hr. Our element hot water boiler offering includes six models ranging from 12kW to 72kW.

Oil and Gas-Fired Boilers

The pressure parts in these boilers are designed and manufactured in accordance with the ASME I Power Boilers Code. We use Ecostar burners to ensure hi efficiency and low NOx emissions.

Steam Sterilisation Unit

Our steam sterilisation units are fully portable, easy to use, compact, clean, and quiet.