H2GO Manual Water Purifier

Runxin’s domestic range Runlucky RL-W20 manual water purifiers on the local market, dubbed the H2GO. This portable filtration and purification system is ideal for use in remote areas and will serve the needs of the South African 4Γ—4 and camping community well.

H2GO is a manually controlled portable filtration system offering filtration accuracy of 0.01ΞΌm. The H2GO uses polypropylene filter cloth with an ultrafiltration unit, efficiently removing harmful micro-organisms in water. Ultrafiltration processes (UF) in particularly have become increasingly important during the past decades due to their mild and energetically favourable separation and concentration technique, which have been commercialized in pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries.

The filter element can be quickly installed and is easy to clean. The system can be used for both surface and ground water. At 320mm x 78mm x 350mm, the H2GO unit is easy to store and transport.

The H2GO is suitable for multiple locations using water from any source. It requires no power and is lightweight and compact, folding up for easy storage. It can help save money and plastic waste by avoiding the need for buying bottled water. The only maintenance required is periodic replacement of the filter cartridge.


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What are the different outdoor water filters capable of?

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Drink water anywhere with the Manual Water Purifier.

  • Hiking
  • Backpacking travellers
  • Outdoor adventurist (4 x 4/bike adventure trails)
  • Camping & caravan travellers
  • Special applications – rescue areas no access with water


  • Suitable for multiple locations using water from any source.
  • No need to carry heavy water bottles on vehicles
  • This unit is suitable for holidays and camping where the water is full of sediments.
  • No power needed
  • Save money on bottled water and avoid plastic waste
  • Filters bacteria, viruses, cysts and all other waterborne parasites.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • The unit folds up into easy to store unit. It is the most reliable water purification systems for camping and hiking.


All filter cartridges have a lifespan. They need replacement from time to time, depending on their condition. But for any specific care and cleaning instructions, you must read the specifications page for your guidance.