Water Treatment Division

Our Allmech Water Treatment Division services customers with tailored treatment programs for all makes of open and closed heating and cooling systems. Our chemicals are blended by our highly-qualified staff under strict quality control supervision and according to industry-recognised formulations.

Our customers include South Africa, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

The treatment programmes, equipment and services supplied by Allmech are designed to ensure increased plant efficiency and improve cost effectiveness, protection of expensive plant equipment, and return on investment.

Our water treatment range caters primarily for the treatment of water associated with heating and cooling systems.

Allmech is able to test your plant for Legionella.


We use quality, imported parts in our extensive range of softeners.

Valves and Filters

We are the official South African agents for the Runxin multi-port manual and automatic control valves and brine draw valves.


Our range of manufactured chemicals includes oxygen scavengers, scale inhibitors and dispersants, corrosion inhibitors, broad spectrum micro biocides, bio-dispersants, and sterilizers.

Reverse Osmosis Plant

Reverse Osmosis and Demin Plants

We use the latest technology to ensure that our clients get a cost-effective solution that works for them.