Industrial Water Treatment Programmes & Services

For prolonged boiler life, a water treatment program is recommended. Boilers are sensitive to even minor deposits on tube walls. Therefore, most treatment programs are oriented toward scale control.

Industrial water treatment systems modify water to make it suitable for specific applications, including consumption, manufacturing, or disposal. Raw water entering an industrial plant often needs treatment to meet the high quality specifications for use in different processes.

Our range caters primarily for industrial treatment systems for water associated with heating and cooling systems and boilers of all types, which typically includes:

  • Raw water treatment systems
  • Boiler feed water treatment systems
  • Boiler chemical treatment
  • Cooling tower water treatment systems
  • Chillers
  • Wastewater treatment systems

A total water treatment program should pursue the following goals:

  • Maintenance of free caustic corrosion potential
  • Minimize caustic deposit formation due to scale and suspended solids by chelation and sludge conditioners so that blowdown will remove potential problems
  • Eliminate oxygen content through deaeration or other mechanical means
  • Prevention of carryover and foaming

Effective water treatment requires treatment before and after introduction of water into the boiler. The selection of pre-treatment option depends upon the quality of the water source, chemical characteristics of the water, the quantity of make-up feed water required, plant operating practices, etc.

After-treatment involves the addition of chemicals into the boiler water. This after-treatment is required to compensate for any variations in the pre-treatment of the boiler feed water system to assure the ultimate protection of the boiler.

Our industrial water treatment solutions and service provide the following benefits for customers:


  • Removal of unwanted chemicals/contaminants/impurities in the water
  • Consistent feed water quality
  • Reduced fouling and corrosion of equipment
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Overall cost savings in the long run
  • Equipment operation excellence
  • Improved energy performance of equipment
  • Dedicated and specialist technical support
  • Commitment to your business success
Boiler Water Treatment

Improper and non-existent feed water treatment is the major factor causing boiler failure, which ultimately results in boiler down time and costly repairs. All fresh water available from natural sources requires varying degrees of water treatment prior to use in a boiler. The composition of boiler feed water must be such that the impurities in it can be concentrated a reasonable number of times inside the boiler, without exceeding the tolerance limits of the particular boiler design can tolerate.

An effective boiler feed water treatment system works by removing harmful impurities before the water enters the boiler, and controlling the acidity and conductivity of the water. Allmech specialises in water treatment equipment and water treatment chemicals to ensure boilers operate at optimal level. Treatment methods include filtering, softening, demineralizing, deaerating and preheating.

Allmech’s unique industrial water treatment chemicals include:

SANS 1827 food-grade chemicals

  • Allmech A100/2 fire tube boiler treatment for general use food-grade chemical water treatment is efficient in corrosion reduction and mitigating scale formation in the high temperature areas of a boiler plant.
  • Allmech A100HA fire tube boiler treatment is effective in corrosion reduction and limiting scale formation in the high temperature areas of a boiler plant where there are high pH and alkalinity conditions.
  • Allmech A101+ is ideal for electrode boiler plants that are fed with demineralised/RO water as it has corrosion inhibitors and ensures TDS control and anti-scaling.

Non food-grade chemicals

  • Allmech A102 is a total steam and condensate protection chemical. A102 is not for use in the food, pharmaceutical and beverage industries where steam may come into contact with the process.
  • Allmech A103 electrode boiler condensate corrosion protection has been developed for water treatment where controlling the TDS and dispersing the scale formation are important. The anti-corrosive properties of the chemical are not compatible with FDA requirements and should not be used in any food or pharmaceutical industries. The formulation keeps solids in suspension to enable the blow down to effectively remove them from the boiler, reducing sludge build-up.
Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Water is good at dispersing minerals and helping living things grow; water in cooling systems must be specially treated and monitored. The key is water treatment optimization, the ability to not only apply the right chemistries but also to constantly monitor and control water quality to keep it balanced at all times. By monitoring pH, water temperature, electrical conductivity, microbiological activity, corrosion, chemistry levels and other variables, your plant can be proactive.

Cooling tower

The right program can:

  • Increase production
  • Reduce downtime
  • Lower operating and chemical costs
  • Reduce your operation’s impact on the planet

To control scale, corrosion, microbiological fouling, and foam, water quality must be maintained at all times, and the right microbicides must be applied in the right doses.

Scaling in cooling water systems can be prevented using four basic approaches:

  1. Limit the concentration of critical ions by maintaining concentrations that are lower than those required to cause scaling
  2. Reduce alkalinity with acid
  3. Alter system design or operation
  4. Apply chemical deposit inhibitors

Fighting corrosion involves controlling certain water properties, including pH, oxygen, temperature, water velocity, suspended solids and dissolved solids.

Scale and corrosion inhibitors for cooling water systems protect cooling systems from the effects of scale build-up and metallic corrosion. Allmech offers a range of industrial water treatment chemicals for cooling towers:

Scale and corrosion inhibitors – open circuits

  • Allmech CT-200 is a very versatile product as it controls scale and corrosion equally well. It is particularly effective where system control is erratic and when plant operating conditions tend to fluctuate.
  • Allmech CT200S is a powerful dispersant, scale and corrosion inhibitor for open and closed cooling systems. A wide variety of deposits can be controlled over an extensive pH range. Surface temperatures of 120°C can be tolerated without the active ingredients degrading.
  • Allmech CT 202 is a specially formulated solution designed to reduce corrosion and scale formation in cooling and boiler water systems. It is also useful in other systems where calcium carbonate scale and mild steel corrosion need to be prevented.

Scale and corrosion inhibitors – closed circuits

  • Allmech CT 251 is designed to control the corrosion of metals in closed water systems, and is best for treating process cooling, hot water and chilled water systems as well as glycol water systems. The Allmech CT251 contains steel and copper corrosion inhibitors to provide multi-metal corrosion control, plus pH buffering to minimise the effects of acidic conditions from ethylene glycol breakdown or acidic process leaks. Hardness salts are controlled to a maximum level of 225ppm by means of a formulated dispersant and antiscalant. It can be used with ethylene glycol in winterised systems, thereby eliminating the incompatibility problems of chromates.
  • Allmech A104 is a liquid corrosion inhibitor programme designed for high heat flux systems. It is a multi-component inhibitor that provides ferrous metal corrosion protection, copper alloy corrosion protection and scale inhibition.

Micro biocides

  • Allmech CT2001 is a broad-spectrum biocide for use in RO, UF and NF systems where bacteria and biofilm are expected to be present. It provides microorganism control and clean systems. It can be used alone or with other biocides on a rotation basis.
  • Allmech CT–2007 is a broad-spectrum algaecide and biocide especially effective for the control of algae and slime in industrial water systems, air evaporative condensers and air conditioning units.
  • Allmech CT-2008 is a broad-spectrum biocide for closed circuits.
  • Allmech CT-SBL is a low-cost algaecide and biocide when combined with CT-HPW.
  • Allmech CT-HPW is a low-cost algaecide and biocide when combined with CT-SBL.


  • Allmech CT-256 water treatment chemical has a highly concentrated organic and bio fouling dispersant.

Cleaning agents

  • Allmech CT-254 is a mild acid based descaler for use in non-ferrous cooling systems.
  • H-100 is a strong acid based descaler for use in non-ferrous cooling systems.
  • H-101 is a strong inhibited descaler only for use in ferrous applications.
  • H-110 is a strong uninhibited acid (33%).
  • H-102 is a highly alkaline neutralising agent.