Oil and Gas Fired Boilers
Oil And Gas-Fired Boilers

Our oil and gas-fired boilers are manufactured and produced in South Africa and incorporate the latest technology in their imported burners. Our boilers are designed so that either fuel source can be used  with minimal disruption during conversion. We offer dual fuel burners and heavy furnace oil burners.

Our boiler pressure parts are designed and manufactured in accordance with boilers codes and under the supervision of an independent, registered, third-party inspectorate. The boilers also comply with the latest South African Pressure Equipment Regulations and conform to the assessment criteria for all pressure vessels.

Our boilers are fully-welded, shell-type steam boilers with a main furnace acting as a return tube and a second pass of fire tubes ensuring the efficient burning of fuel. This, in turn, ensures that maximum energy is generated, producing cost-effective steam.

The front and rear of our boilers are refractory lined, with the combustion chamber and tubes designed to give maximum efficiency to the boiler during operation.

The boiler is mounted on a skid which allows for expansion during heating, with the feed water pump situated on the side of the boiler and mounted onto a base plate, ensuring easy installation into your environment.

Water levels are monitored by two Mobrey float controls. These operate magnetic switches that monitor the pump control, and the low and extra low water conditions in the boiler shell.

The float control system also shuts the burner off if there is low water and cuts the burner out when the water is extra low, requiring a reset button to be manually activated to ensure safe start-up of the burner after the water level has been checked. A safety alarm also sounds once the extra low water level is reached.

Both doors are fitted with solid swing hinges allowing for easy access to the boiler tubes for cleaning. Refractory and insulation board are fitted into the doors to ensure that the outer steel-work is safe and does not overheat.

Boiler Model  Oil or Gas Fired KG Steam (per-hour)
AO-050 or AG-050 500kg
AO-100 or AG-100 1000kg
AO-200 or AG-200 2000kg
AO-300 or AG-300 3000kg
AO-500 or AG-500 5000kg