Model AL 60 Steam Sterilisation Unit

Some features of our AL 60 steam sterilisation unit include:

  • Drawings 60kW of power
  • Raising steam to temperatures of 90°C and above
  • Producing approximately 100kg of steam per hour
  • Safe and affordable
  • Fully portable (connects into a 380V system and can be used right next to the sterilisation area)
  • Easy to use
  • Compact
  • Enclosed
  • Highly efficient (due to its temperature and timer control features)
  • Exempt from the usual pressure test and inspections (while the pressure is sufficient to ensure that all bacteria are destroyed, this model is not technically rated as a boiler)
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Clean
  • Quiet

So no matter how you use it, give steam a lead role in your day-to-day operation with an AL 60 steam sterilisation unit.

Steam is the safe, affordable and obvious solution to many agricultural challenges.

It can be used to:

  • Sterilise soils, seedling trays, seeds (such as mangos and avocados)
  • Humidify germination rooms
  • Heat water (dairies, butcheries, staff ablutions, swimming pools, fruit disease control, packing houses, and root zone heating)
  • Steam in dairy hygiene and yoghurt/cheese making
  • Blanch fruit and vegetables
  • Disinfect animal beddings
  • Bend wood
  • Condition dry products (such as tobacco and pecan nuts)
  • Control weeds and algae (with portable steam)
  • Cure concrete in a fraction of the time it takes to sun dry
  • Clean oily or waxed surfaces (such as those on tractors and fruit conveyors)

and more …