Element Boilers
Element Boilers

Allmech’s element boiler has been designed and manufactured in South Africa since 1995. Customers gain from this long history of reliability and expertise when they purchase our robust, long-lasting element boilers.

The Allmech element boiler shell is manufactured from boiler plate and is 10-mm thick to minimise, corrosion and extend the life of the boiler. Water treatment products are available from our water treatment division to further minimise corrosion and scale and optimise the boiler’s efficiency.

*All Allmech products align with the regulatory codes that govern boilers and pressure vessels and are inspected and tested by independent inspectorate companies.

The start-up of the boiler is monitored by probes that ensure the elements are always covered with water. Once the operating water level is achieved the elements switch on and the water begins to heat up. As steam is taken from the boiler the feed water pump is automatically switched on by the stainless steel probes and fills the boiler to the pre-set level again, allowing for continuous steam supply.

Control of the steam output is monitored by a pressure switch to enable the elements to heat up when the pressure is low and switch off when the pressure is high. This saves electricity when the boiler is not under full demand.

Installation of the boiler is simple as it can be placed on a flat, level surface. The boiler is supplied as a package unit mounted on a steel base frame.

The required maintenance is minimal as the only moving part in the system is the feed water pump.

Model No. KW used @ 380V kg/hr @ 380V
AES-12 12 19
AES-18 15 29
AES-24 21 38
AES-36 36 57
AES-48 48 76
AES-60 60 95
Element Hot Water Boilers

The Allmech element in-line hot water heater offers a packaged, easy to install, electric in-line heating system which is efficient and has varied temperature settings. Our element hot water boilers operate on 380V power supply.

The water temperature is controlled by a thermostat fitted into the boiler, which switches the heater off or on, depending on the pre-set temperature.

Operation of the in-line heater is simple once the main, three-phase switch is turned on. In certain cases, depending on the electrical load, the elements will be switched on in separate banks. One bank of elements will switch on first, and after a controlled period, the other banks will come on, ensuring that there isn’t a large draw of power at the start.

The hot water in-line heater can be easily connected to storage tanks or fitted directly into the circulating line.

Model No. KW used @ 380V Max Currrent Load
EHW-12 12 18
EHW-24 24 36
EHW-36 36 55
EHW-48 48 73
EHW-60 60 91
EHW-72 72 109