Hot Water Electrode Boiler

Electrode Steam Boilers And Hot Water Boilers

Whether you’re starting out, replacing equipment, adding to your existing infrastructure, or downsizing, Allmech has the right boiler for your needs. Our range is wide enough to cater for almost any specification and with the best unit for your requirements, you won’t need to heat up more water than you can use.

Allmech electrode boilers operate on the principle that when electricity passes through any resistant material, such as water, it causes an increase in that resistant material’s temperature. This principle ensures that no external heating mechanism is required and renders the boiler safe under all operating conditions. That is, where there is no water in the system, there is no resistant material and therefore no increase in temperature.

Electrode Steam Boilers

Our electrode steam boilers are: 

  • Extremely compact (easily installed next to factory process equipment)
  • Operational in minutes
  • Almost 100% efficient
  • Environmentally-friendly (no smoke or pollutants)
  • Extremely clean
  • Very quiet
  • Manufactured in South Africa to the highest standards and in accordance with BS EN 12953


Our electrode steam boilers require:

  • No boiler house
  • No fuel storage facilities
  • Very little labour
  • Lower maintenance than most boiler types
  • Minimal production down time (75% less than fossil fuel-fired boilers)


AA Series Boiler Models
Model No. KW Usage @380V KG Steam/hr @380V Pressure
AA-60 60 95 10
AA-100 100 159 10
AA-150 150 239 10
AA-200 200 318 10
AA-250 250 398 10
AA-300 300 477 10
AA-400 400 636 10
AA-500 500 795 10
AA-600 600 954 10
AA-900 900 1431 10
AA-1250 1250 1988 10
AA-1500 1500 2385 10
AA-2000 2000 3180 10
AA-2500 2500 3975 10

* Please note that boilers can also be manufactured at other voltages

These details apply to:

Standard boiler pressure of 1 000-kPa.
380V, three-phase, four-wire and 525V three-phase, four-wire systems.

Higher pressures and capacities are also available on request.

Electrode Hot Water Boilers

Our hot water boilers are extremely efficient and use 380V three-phase electrical supply.

Starting up of the boiler is monitored, and the unit will start at a very low current before building to the pre-set level, at which point the temperature will be modulated.

Our range of models cover the following:

Model no. kW size Current used at 380V
AHW-100 100 152
AHW-300 300 456
AHW-600 600 912
AHW-900 900 1 367